Modified coal for intense animal farming


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Lower harmful ammonia emissions by partnering with us to develop farming applications for modified coal . Explore opportunities for licensing or direct investment.

The technology

This new method produces surface-activated coal via a low-temperature, partial oxidation process.  The modified coal acts as a nitrogen adsorbent, reducing more than 60 per cent of ammonia emissions. It can be used as feedlot bedding material and high-quality organic fertiliser.

Market need

Intensive animal farming produces nitrogen-based emissions, including ammonia. These emissions are the second highest form of greenhouse gases globally.  Efforts are underway to mitigate the release of ammonia from intensive animal farming. Effective and economic strategies are necessary to help reduce emissions.

Technology status

Proof-of-concept studies show the technology can produce the modified coal in a less energy-intensive manner.Pilot studies show significant impact when adding the compounds to feedlot bedding.

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First published on 16 March 2023.

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