Catalytic polymer inclusion beads


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Partner with us to co-develop or license technology for producing low-cost catalytic polymer inclusion beads.

The technology

This technology is a one-step process for forming stable polymer beads coated with metal nanoparticles. These beads can be used as catalysts in a broad range of chemical reactions.

Market need

Catalysts enable faster chemical reactions or better reaction conditions. Precious metals are often used as catalysts, but they can be expensive.

The stability of catalysts affects their ability to perform over time. Any improvement in stability will reduce maintenance costs.

Low-cost catalysts with long-term stability would have broad applications and may generate cost savings.

Technology status

Proof-of-concept of the technology demonstrated the process to generate catalytic beads. This process produced beads coated in palladium and gold nanoparticles.

A patent application was filed in March 2020. Further development of the technology is underway.

Eric Hoefgen
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First published on 24 July 2020.

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