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Our partnership with Epi-Minder is on the path to making it easier for people living with epilepsy to carry out everyday activities.

Illustration of epi-minder device implanted on brain

Seizure-detecting device undergoes clinical trial

The unpredictability of seizures means that people living with epilepsy may be unable to work or drive. Based on years of research in neuroscience and electrical engineering, Epi-Minder – which was co-founded by University of Melbourne researchers – has developed an implantable device that can monitor the brain’s electrical activity to detect epileptic seizures. Currently undergoing a clinical trial, the device would make it easier for people with epilepsy to carry out everyday activities and benefit  their safety, mental health and employability. Established in 2018, Epi-Minder has raised A$44 million to further develop and commercialise the seizure detection device.

  • Impact: People living with epilepsy would find it easier to carry out everyday activities
  • Innovation: Minder – an epilepsy management device that reliably predicts seizures
  • Partners: Cochlear LtdThe Bionics InstituteSt Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
  • Partnership approach: University of Melbourne start-up with investor partners

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The University of Melbourne, together with its partners, has made possible the potential to help 50 million people living with epilepsy worldwide to feel safe, confident and in control. After raising A$18 million in funding from investors in 2020, medical and engineering experts have teamed up to develop Minder, a small implantable device designed to detect and predict epileptic seizures.

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