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Partnering with your organisation for data-driven solutions that solve real-word problems

Collaborate with us to create innovative solutions

In an increasingly connected and digitised world, digital innovation has the potential to transform lives, increase economic productivity and support our transition to a more sustainable future.

We work with communities, businesses and governments to co-design practical solutions, and meet the challenges presented by emerging technologies and solve problems more effectively, efficiently and safely.

Whether you’re a solo operator, part of an organisation, or work for government, we want to collaborate with you.

By combining your insights and experience with our expertise in research and technology, together we can create bold solutions that merge the power of digital technologies with human-centered thinking.

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From providing policy insights to developing new technology

With expertise in data-driven and digital solutions from artificial intelligence and predictive modelling to medical breakthroughs and food security, we can work with your organisation.

It might mean deploying smart technologies or creating new ones. We can provide knowledge and insights that complement your existing practices, or help you create new ways of doing things to deliver better outcomes.

Our partners collaborate with us to:

  • Receive support across the entire development pipeline, from concepts and development to implementation and verification
  • Leverage emerging sciences like process-mining to support digital transformation
  • Commercialise new products backed by world-class research
  • Create data-driven solutions through digital twin technology and predictive modelling
  • Build and test prototypes in our purpose-built facilities and in the field
  • Navigate policy interfaces between technical, commercial and financial risks

Why our partners choose us

Open and collaborative

We take a genuinely collaborative approach to partnerships and believe trust and openness is key to lasting results. We work closely to understand your needs, evaluate the risks and identify the opportunities in every project.

Flexible and agile

True collaborations can – and should – evolve. We are committed to being responsive and transparent, and working together to ideate, test and develop the best solution.

World-class infrastructure

As a partner, you’ll have access to the infrastructure and resources that make translating ideas into impact possible, including our purpose-built precincts such as Melbourne Connect and Fishermans Bend.

Streamlined experience

Our capabilities mean working with us is easy, reliable and set up for success. All partnerships are assigned a dedicated relationship manager to be your link with the University – and ensure timelines and objectives are met.

Global leader in research

Consistently ranked one of the world’s leading research institutions*, we have best in class researchers, engineers and technicians dedicated to leveraging research and emerging technologies to disrupt and transform our society.

*Times Higher Education World University ranking 2021.

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Improving business performance using process-mining software

All organisations experience process inefficiencies that can affect business performance. Traditional analysis is often labour intensive and error-prone. Apromore’s new software leverages an organisation’s pre-existing data to discover and simulate processes that help businesses achieve excellence in operation, performance and compliance. Launched in 2019 at the University of Melbourne, Apromore has attracted millions in investment and its commercial enterprise solution is now recognised as one of the top products on the market.

  • Impact: Helping businesses to improve performance and operations through advanced process analysis
  • Innovation: New process-mining software available in open-source and as a commercial enterprise solution
  • Partner: Apromore Pty Ltd
  • Partnership approach: Jointly developed a research-driven software which served as the core for a commercial enterprise solution

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Our clients like the idea that our software is based on research from the University of Melbourne, because process-mining is an emerging science. They want to know they are investing in a solution that will meet their needs into the future, and our continued partnership with the University will enable Apromore to achieve the full potential of process-mining as it evolves.

Tamarie Ellis, Global Marketing Manager, Apromore Pty Ltd

Whether you have a specific challenge to overcome, or you’re interested in finding out about potential opportunities for your organisation to collaborate with us, get in touch now to start a conversation or subscribe to our industry newsletters.

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