Contract Research

Solve your priority business challenges by contracting our world-leading research experts at the University of Melbourne.

By leveraging our diverse expertise and research facilities, you can tap into new knowledge to help solve your organisation’s complex problems.

Contracting us for research and development is a cost-effective way to develop and accelerate your innovation pipeline and improve your operational efficiency. There are also a range of grant funding mechanisms which support this activity.

Research services we deliver to companies include:

  • Consulting and expert advice
  • Evaluations, assessments and reports
  • Specialist laboratory, technical or clinical services
  • Participation in commercial tenders as the research partner
  • Independent research projects.

Contact us to discuss contracting us for research and development.

What is contract research?

We can engage directly with your organisation to identify new opportunities, create bespoke solutions, or innovate your next big thing by leveraging our expertise and resources. We refer to this kind of engagement as contract research.

You might have a clear vision for what you want to create, or you might only know that something is not working and needs to be addressed. You might be looking to develop proprietary intellectual property, or you might want to share the findings with the world. You might want to start small and grow, or dive in with both feet. In contract research, we have the flexibility to work with all of these situations and everything in between.

When you contact us, we will work with you to define your research problem or determine what new opportunity you want to explore.

We work with all kinds of organisations, including the private sector, industry bodies and government.

To discuss your project and to be matched with the research team you need, please contact our Business Development team.

First published on 10 March 2023.

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