Research internships

Whether your organisation is a business, government department, NGO or community organisation, you can engage with Australia’s top PhD and research masters talent through our research internships.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Gain specialist knowledge to solve your organisation’s R&D challenges.
  • Build your recruitment pipeline and ‘road-test’ potential employees.
  • Strengthen connections with the research community and the University.
  • Support the professional development of the research leaders of tomorrow.

Hosting an  intern

Hear from Milosh Ivanovich from Telstra about his experience hosting University of Melbourne PhD Dr Amanthi Thudugalage as a research intern through APR.Intern

What internships typically look like

Research internships usually take place over three to six months, with a minimum duration of 60 full-time equivalent days. Interns can undertake their internship on-site at your organisation, at the University, online or in hybrid attendance.

You’ll negotiate the project parameters, specific research activities and the location and duration of the internship with the successful applicant and their academic mentor.

During the internship, you provide day-to-day supervision of the intern.

Insurance and intellectual property

The graduate researcher will be covered by the University’s insurance for the duration of the internship, as specified in our standard agreement.

The agreement also outlines roles and responsibilities of all parties for matters such as health and safety, confidentiality and intellectual property (IP). IP developed during the internship typically remains with the industry partner, while background IP is retained by the relevant party.

Your organisation will be required to sign a standard agreement prior to the commencement of the internship.

Project costs

Program fees support a stipend for the graduate researcher, paid throughout the internship.

The University of Melbourne delivers internships in partnership with APR.Intern, which is Australia’s only national PhD and Research Masters internship program spanning all sectors and disciplines. The cost of engaging a candidate is detailed on the APR.Intern website.

Organisations can access a discount by bringing internship opportunities directly to the University. We can source a suitable candidate for your needs.

Subsidies are also available for not-for-profit organisations, organisations who engage a female STEM research intern and organisations working in defence. Contact us to find out more.

How it works

1. Contact us to discuss your research needs and we work with you to define a project.

2. We advertise your project to the University’s pool of over 5000 graduate research candidates.

3. You interview candidates and select your preferred intern.

4. We match your intern with an academic mentor.

5. You negotiate internship details with the intern and their mentor.

6. All parties sign a standard agreement detailing expectations and responsibilities.

7. Your organisation will be invoiced for the program fee.

8. We check in regularly to ensure the project is running smoothly.

9. The intern delivers their project results in a presentation and written report.

Getting started

We can assist you to achieve your R&D goals by working with you to tailor a project to your specific needs. Contact us  to discuss next steps.

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First published on 2 August 2023.

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