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Collaborate with us to create innovative solutions

Biomedical research is helping to shape healthcare delivery on a global scale. From breakthrough discoveries to personalised devices, we’re motivated to find new cures, treatments and therapies that bring hope to individuals and whole communities.

We work with our partners to co-design practical solutions and meet the challenges in bringing new technologies into real-world healthcare applications.

Whether you’re a solo operator, have a business, or work for government, we want to collaborate with you.

We partner with clinicians, surgeons, medical research institutes, regulatory agencies and industry to explore new possibilities for care and recovery. By combining your insights and experience with our expertise in research and technology, together we will continue to solve the biggest health challenges of our time.

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From providing policy insights to developing new technology

With expertise spanning all areas of medicine, science, engineering and technology, we can work with your organisation in numerous ways.

It might mean deploying smart technologies or creating new ones. We can provide knowledge and insights that complement your existing practices, or help you create new ways of doing things and make better decisions.

Our partners collaborate with us to:

  • Develop innovative MedTech solutions that expand or create new markets
  • Create bespoke medical implants using cutting-edge 3D printing technology
  • Conduct world-leading research on new cures and therapies for diseases like cancer
  • Leverage genomic sequencing to develop personalised treatments
  • Navigate policy interfaces between technical, commercial and financial risks
  • Accelerate the discovery and commercialisation of new materials and technologies.

Why our partners choose us

Open and collaborative

We take a genuinely collaborative approach to partnerships and believe trust and openness is key to lasting results. We work closely to understand your needs, evaluate the risks and identify the opportunities in every project.

Flexible and agile

True collaborations can – and should – evolve. We are committed to being responsive and transparent, and working together to ideate, test and develop the best solution.

World-class infrastructure

As a partner, you’ll have access to the infrastructure and resources that make translating ideas into impact possible, including our purpose-built precincts such as Melbourne Connect and the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct.

Streamlined experience

Our capabilities mean working with us is easy, reliable and set up for success. All partnerships are assigned a dedicated relationship manager to be your link with the University – and ensure timelines and objectives are met.

Global leader in research

Consistently ranked one of the world’s leading research institutions*, we have best in class researchers, engineers and medical specialists dedicated to creating transformative health solutions for generations to come.

*Times Higher Education World University ranking 2021.

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A human jaw seen through X-rays with a medical device embedded

Improving quality of life through biomechanics, surgery and industry collaboration

Melbourne-based start-up MAXONIQ developed a breakthrough, 3D-printed jaw for debilitating end-stage bone and joint conditions, improving the lives of patients worldwide. This first-of-its-kind device brings together biomechanics research, surgical expertise, and cutting-edge 3D-printing technology to provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for complex conditions of the jaw, which may not be treatable otherwise. MAXONIQ was established to commercialise the device and is now an award-winning company advancing the field of customised surgeries.

  • Impact: Over 260 ArthroJaws have been implanted in patients, transforming their quality of life
  • Innovation: The ArthroJaw, a highly personalised, 3D-printed titanium jaw joint
  • Partners: MAXONIQ, The University of Melbourne, Sabre Medical, Bres Medical, Osteon Medical, Brandwood CKC, OMNI Dental, Materialise, Objective 3D, PartMaker
  • Partnership approach: A collaboration between Australian-owned MAXONIQ, the University of Melbourne and industry partners

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Accelerating the discovery of novel cancer therapies

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have partnered with Pfizer to build on crucial research that will likely change the game for cancer immunotherapy. While the long-term goal is to develop better treatments that change people’s lives, major therapeutic achievements require discovery research. As well as research funding, Pfizer provides access to frontline therapeutics, scientific analysis, and the ability to test findings with existing treatments for compatibility.

Impact: Accelerating the discovery of new therapeutics to treat cancer and other chronic diseases

Partner: Pfizer

Partnership approach: Multi-year research partnership

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A person wearing blue nitrile gloves inserts a slide under an optical microscope
As a company, we benefit enormously from the ongoing University of Melbourne relationship, which provides us with the confidence and legitimacy we need to promote our devices to discerning clinicians and surgeons who expect solid research backing for each Maxoniq medical device they use.

Dr George Dimitroulis, Clinical Director and Founder of MAXONIQ

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