Research themes

The Materials Research Initiative has selected three Research Themes as current areas of focus

  1. Materials into Medicine

    Increasing collaboration between medicine and engineering is a current priority for the University, reflecting global trends. This shift in priority is a great opportunity for the Materials Research Initiative to help facilitate the integration of materials research into medical applications. The focus here will be on building scalable medical devices through the integration of fabrication techniques into medical research as well as research into translating biomaterials to scale.

  2. Materials for Energy

    This area of research has become a research priority in most world-leading institutions and the University of Melbourne is no exception. Within ‘materials for energy’ research at UoM, there is existing or potential capacity for growth in photovoltaics, battery electrodes, engineered particles in petroleum and mineral recovery, and energy efficient desalination technologies.

  3. Controlled Assembly of Materials

    The controlled assembly of materials (notably from anisotropic particles, foams, and porous materials) for applications in minerals processing, high temperature materials and non-medical research capitalises on strong expertise in the synthesis of materials and separate expertise on materials assembly, processing and fabrication where collaboration can lead to larger scale outcomes.