"When Industries Meet Academics" Construction Materials Workshop

Date: 30th of November Time: 8.30 am to 1pm. Postponed to early February 2017 

Venue: PAR-Sidney Myer Asia Ctr-106 (Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room)

bridge melbourne

A workshop aiming to fuel interaction between Industries and Academics working in the field of Materials for constructions at the University of Melbourne. It will be dynamic and interactive with much opportunity for discussion and networking. The program will feature successful examples of partnerships between companies and University of Melbourne members. Industry representatives will also come to talk about where they would like to see an improvement. Finally, academics will present their facilities and capacity of research. 

The academic and industries will be able to showcase their research and products using poster sessions (please use the Poster template) 

More information to come!

Please find the provisional program here