Postdoc opportunities with biotech

Cherry Biotech is a French start-up aiming at developing next generation in vitro devices, in particular: ORGAN-ON-A-CHIP, and are seeking postdoctoral candidates to collaborate with. The prestigious Marie Curie Individual Fellowship will lead to a 2 year postdoc contract to develop cutting-edge technologies applied to healthcare/diagnosis.

Cherry Biotech is particularly looking for:

  • Microfluidics​/Biomechanical engineers​ PhD with an interest in biology (organ-on-a-chip platform design)
  • Computational scientist (machine learning, algorithmic) for biological applications
  • Programmer/electrotechnician (embed artificial intelligence into their hardware) to push forward the technology

Applicants can contact Cherry Biotech with their own project or get in touch to collaborate on one of their existing projects.

Further information: