Interdisciplinary Environment Workshop

“Communication Skills in Interdisciplinary Environments and Early Career Development”

Friday 23rd of June 2017, from 9 am to 2 pm

Learning environment room PAR-Alice Hoy-242, Building 162, University of Melbourne Monash Road, Carlton VIC 3053 

The Materials and Therapeutic Technologies Research Initiatives will hold a new Workshop on on Communication skills in Interdisciplinary Environments and Early Career Development Friday the 23rd of June 2017, from 9 am to  2 pm



The primary objective of the ‘Interdisciplinary Environment Workshop is to provide guidance for young researchers at the University of Melbourne in developing an interdisciplinary research career.

In order to do this, this workshop will allow participants to:

  • Discuss the goals and expectations for young researchers as part of their own career progression plans.
  • Discuss the potential value of interdisciplinary research engagement by facilitating participants to discuss and understand each other’s interests and objectives. This workshop will share experiences and case studies of interdisciplinary project and interactions.
  • Practice your interdisciplinary presentation skills. The students and ECRs will have to make 1 slide on their research and explain it in one minute. Plus, a café-style discussion will be organised in small groups, where participants will have more time to explain their aims to researchers from another field. Others will have to explain what they understood afterwards.

Workshop Format:

The workshop is expected to be dynamic and interactive, with prolonged contact time between the attendees. The main aspects of the workshop are summarised below:


  • The spirit of the presentations from invited academics will be to showcase a successful interdisciplinary project and provide information about benefits, difficulties, challenges, opportunities and lessons learned related to this project.
  • The 1 slide / 1 minute presentation will be friendly and engaging. The presentation cannot contain more than 2 words of jargon. The spirit behind this is to force you to be understandable by any audience. Everyone in the audience will answer few simple questions about your presentation and you will gain an anonymous/honest feedback.

Café-style discussion:

Discussion tables will be organised with participants from different fields. Participants will have to explain their research to others at the table. At the end of the session,  a volunteer has to explain someone’s else research in few simple words.

Who should attend?

Ph.D. candidates and ECRs (postdocs within 3 years of finishing their PhD) who are interested in learning and improving their engagement in interdisciplinary research regardless they have or have not an existing interaction in another field.

What happens after the workshop?

All the information, tips and examples you will be receiving during this workshop could be put into practice to approach your desired interdisciplinary research.

  • Workshop flyer