Seminar - Local Innovations in Social and Employment Services - Sophie Danneris

The Economic and Social Participation team invites anyone who is interested in attending a seminar on Local Innovations in Social and Employment Services: a new approach to helping the hard-to-place unemployed by Sophie Danneris. The workshop will be held on 27 Feb 12:30-1:30 pm, Theatre 1, Alan Gilbert Building (161 Barry St).

The event is free. Please RSVP via e-mail:

The speaker:
Dr. Sophie Danneris

The talk:

Sophie Danneris presented her research examining changes in the Danish approach to welfare income support for those out of work. While Denmark is widely perceived to have a more socialist welfare regime, changes in its approach over recent decades have mirrored similar developments in liberal welfare regime countries like the UK and Australia. That is, it has moved from a welfare approach in which an income is provided to the unemployed who are viewed as passive victims of economic misfortune, to one in which the unemployed are viewed as individuals dependent on the state and lacking in motivation to find work. This has been accompanied by a shift towards putting income welfare recipients into work placements and developing their work experience to transition them into employment. In her qualitative research focusing on the experience of the long-term, vulnerable unemployed, Sophie shows how these large-scale ideologies play out and are negotiated locally in meetings between the recipients and the government case managers. In particular her research analysed conversations between case workers and the unemployed benefit claimants. To meet the intrusive demands of the new welfare system, claimants resort to several coping strategies that are evident in the way conversations between claimants and case workers play out. This research provides novel insights into the experiences of the hard-to-place long term unemployed and illustrates the difficulties and frustrations they experience with the system. The research sheds light on how benefits and services are received and administered as well as on what is received.

Sophie Danneris is a PhD in Sociology, and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Department of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University, Denmark. Her areas of research are social and employment policies, labour market participation for hard-to-place unemployed as well as qualitative longitudinal studies, conversation analysis and practice research. Sophie is currently a visiting researcher at the Policy Lab, UoM, where she is doing comparative work with the ‘Entitlement to Experiment’-project.