Public Seminar


Creative Spaces for Wellbeing: imagination, virtual reality, and the built environment.  Further information about presenters and venue is now available here. Registration is not required.


[image credit: Josh Hild on Unsplash]

The event will be held on the University's Parkville campus: Research Lounge, Level 5, Arts West North Wing, Building 148A.


How do creativity, actual/virtual space, technology and wellbeing relate to one another? And how can different creative enterprises help us construct spaces for wellbeing in twenty-first century Australia? This panel discussion, co-hosted by the Creativity and Wellbeing Hallmark Research Initiative (CAWRI) and the Enlightenment, Romanticism and Contemporary Culture Research Unit (ERCC) brings together scholars from various disciplines to explore these questions. Clare Newton (Melbourne School of Design), Jenny Waycott (School of Computing and Information Systems) and Peter Otto (ERCC, Faculty of Arts) will discuss how creativity factors in the construction and use of contemporary learning spaces, virtual spaces afforded by digital and networked technologies, and the imagined fictional worlds of literature.