Research Speed-Dating

MONDAY 15 JULY, 12-2pm.

This free networking event is open to staff and post-confirmation PhD students at the University of Melbourne who are seeking to collaborate on projects related to creativity and wellbeing. Registration and other information is now available.


[image credit: Alice Achterhof on Unsplash]

The event will be held on the University's Parkville campus, and specific venue and other details are available from the Registration page. Registration is requested by 8 July.

Information & Registration

The event will provide attendees with the opportunity to meet and discuss their research with a range of researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds, and brainstorm possible avenues for collaboration. The event is intended to be informal and fun, but structured.

Attendees must be able to verify they are a current staff member or student at the University of Melbourne (e.g. by presenting a staff or student ID).

A light finger-food lunch will be provided.

Attendees should prepare for the event by practising describing how their research relates to creativity and wellbeing in 3 minutes or less. Attendees should bring a notepad and pen (or some other note-taking device) to the event, to write down contact details and other key information.

Attendees should also consider putting in an application for CAWRI’s first round of Seed Funding (2019), which specifically targets inter-Faculty projects. (Application deadline is c.o.b. 15 August).

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