CBRI Seminar – Jukka Corander – 18th March, 2016

A seminar by Professor Jukka Corander (University of Helsinki).

Latest statistical wizardry from Oz: Ultra-fast ABC inference married with pan-genomic GWAS and epistasis identification

This will be a great seminar incorporating several new and exciting projects from Jukka’s group. Jukka is well known in both the Bayesian stats & bacterial genomics communities for the creative application of Bayesian statistics to several important problems. Many of these are implemented in popular software programs including BAPS (for analysis of population structure), BRAT-NextGen (recombination detection), K-Pax2 (for identification of cluster-defining features, recently published inMGen), and most recently SEER (for identifying sequence elements associated with phenotypes, currently available as a pre-print at BioRxiv).

When: 11am, Friday 18 March
Level 1, Building 184
University of Melbourne, Parkville
No registration required - all welcome. Enquiries: Andrew Siebel

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