CBRI Seminar – Nick Hamilton – 19th August 2016

A seminar by Dr Nick Hamilton (Institute for Molecular Bioscience, UQ)

Bio-image Informatics: the new bioinformatics

As attention turns to the functions and interactions of the tens of thousands of genes found in the genomics revolution, the second and more complex wave of data is arriving in the emerging field of high-throughput microscopy imaging of proteins is their cellular and organ contexts, often live in real time and in 3D. And while many areas of mathematical modelling of biological systems suffer from a sparsity of data, the new technologies provide extraordinarily data dense imaging that can be used as a foundation for robust quantification, modelling and prediction. In this talk I will describe research of my group into new methods in mathematical modelling, quantification, analysis, automated classification, integration and visualisation of the rich and exciting new data becoming available through fluorescent microscopy imaging and associated technologies. A particular focus will be on long term collaborations with the groups of Melissa Little and Ian Smyth towards understanding the patterning and structure of kidney development.

Dr Nick Hamilton is the Institute Bio-Mathematician at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB), The University of Queensland, and holds a co-appointment with the Research Computing Centre at UQ. He gained a PhD in Pure Mathematics from the University of Western Australia in 1996 and was subsequently awarded Fellowships in Australia and Belgium. In 2002, Nick made the decision to change fields into the exciting new areas of computational biology and bioinformatics, returned to Australia, and subsequently took up a position within the ARC Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics at UQ. In 2008 he was appointed as a Laboratory Head at IMB, and Institute Bio-Mathematician in 2014, where he continues to lead a group in bio-image informatics, mathematical modelling and data visualisation, developing methodologies to deal with the current deluge of data that new microscopy imaging technologies have enabled.

When: 11am, Friday 19 August
Where: ESJ King Theatre
Level 3, Medical Building
University of Melbourne, Parkville
No registration required - ALL WELCOME. Please direct enquiries to Andrew Siebel.

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