Visiting researcher, Prof Michael A. Smyers

Michael (Mick) Smyers, Professor of Psychology at Bucknell University, Pennsylvania, USA visited the University for an informal conversation, hosted by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. He is currently in Australia on a fellowship at the Australian National University, working with Professor Robert Constanza and others. Mick is also affiliated with the Center on Aging and Work at Boston College. Mick’s research brings together two of the biggest emerging issues of our time – population ageing and climate change. Mick is the founder of Graying Green: Climate Communication for an Aging World. From a developmental perspective, it is plausible that older adults would be concerned about climate change and its impact on future generations.  However, recent data from surveys in the United States and elsewhere suggest that adults 60 and above are the most climate sceptical age group.

With support from the Australian government through an Endeavour Executive Fellowship, Professor Smyers will be visiting with Australian climate scientists, policy makers, and citizens engaged in climate action.

A synopsis of the rational behind Graying Green can be found here.

Prof Michael Smyers