Steering Group

The steering group guided the research and teaching programs undertaken as part of the Disability Research Initiative. The group included senior researchers and community leaders in disability rights advocacy and research.

  • Dr Jessica Cadwallader

    Advocacy Project Manager, Violence Prevention

    People with Disability

  • Dr John Chesterman

    Director of Strategy

    Office of the Public Advocate

  • Prof Lorraine Graham

    Professor of Learning Intervention

    Melbourne Graduate School of Education
    University of Melbourne

  • A/Prof Nathan Grills

    Associate Professor

    Nossal Institute of Global Health, School of Population and Global Health
    University of Melbourne

  • Jen Hargrave

    Policy Officer - Violence Against Women
    with Disabilities

    Women with Disabilities Victoria

  • Prof Anne Kavanagh

    Head of Gender & Women's Health

    Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
    University of Melbourne

  • Dr Stella Koritsas

    Manager of Strategic Research


  • Prof Katrina Skewes McFerran

    Head of Music Therapy

    National Music Therapy Research Unit
    University of Melbourne 

  • Prof Dinah Reddihough

    Paediatrician Developmental Medicine

    Murdoch Children's Research Institute
    The Royal Children's Hospital