Engagement is what makes us relevant as a University community - from our interactions both globally and locally, with leading research institutions, with government, industry, not-for-profit organisations and with the communities we work in and with.- Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor

At the University of Melbourne we are committed to working with partners in the community, industry and government, as well as those who have lived experience of disability. We know that we can achieve more together than we can alone, and that the best way to ensure our research positively changes people’s lives and policy is to engage with those interested and affected right from the beginning.

Photo of Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO of Scope Victoria, talking at the disability research initiative launch.

Our partnership with Scope Victoria

Scope Victoria is a community organisation that has been working to improve the lives of those living with disability since the 1940s. Their mission is to enable each person to live as an ‘empowered and equal citizen’. One of the largest disability support service providers in Australia, Scope also undertakes research into the development of policy that is consultative, flexible and effective.

In 2014 the University signed a memorandum of understanding with Scope Victoria, formalising a relationship that began between Scope and the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. Through this partnership we have jointly develop research and teaching programs, as well as policy, that will benefit society and those experiencing disadvantage.