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Round 3 2017 Seed Funding - closed

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Biology is transforming...

Recent technological advances have led to new kinds and large amounts of data - such as images at a very fine scale, DNA sequencing and other measurements at a molecular level. These pose computational challenges to manage the data and describe key features. Computational biology also often uses mathematical models and statistical inference techniques to help understand biological processes. Computational approaches are prominent in genomics and brain imaging, and of increasing importance in many other areas of biology including immunology and infectious diseases, as well as evolutionary and ecological modelling.

The Hallmark Computational Biology Research Initiative (CBRI) aims to promote and facilitate computational biology research and researchers across the University of Melbourne research community. The broad themes of the CBRI are to support and facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary research by involving research staff from across University faculties, departments, and schools, and by facilitating connections and introductions with our partner organisations and with external researchers (including international linkages). The CBRI plans and delivers public and research targeted events, such as seminars, workshops and symposia.

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Research themes

Research themes are yet to be established within the Computational Biology Research Initiative.