About the Hallmark Research Initiatives

The Hallmark Initiatives are broader in scale than existing research groups and have a distinctive interdisciplinary emphasis. They are intended to enable the maturing of focused research communities that build on existing strengths across the University. They are designed to harness cross-University capabilities with the aim of increasing the impact of our high quality research and opening up new funding opportunities. The Hallmark Initiatives are part of the strategic embedding of a Grand Challenges perspective in the University’s research profile.


  • An increase in interdisciplinary and intra-institutional academic collaboration;
  • An increase in collaborative research with external partners;
  • Facilitation of additional highly competitive applications involving researchers from multiple disciplines to a range of external funding agencies, including industry and international sources; and
  • Increased public awareness of the University as a provider of outstanding research that is relevant to and benefits the community.


The June 2014 DVCR Report to University Executive advised of the establishment of the Hallmark Research Initiatives. The first four Initiatives were identified through the Research @ Melbourne consultation process and established in late 2014.  

  • Hallmark Disability Research Initiative
  • Hallmark Indigenous Research Initiative
  • Hallmark Materials Research Initiative
  • Hallmark Computational Biology Research Initiative

A call for Expressions of Interest for Wave-2 of the Hallmark Research Initiatives was made in July 2014. Twenty-five EOIs were received with research leadership drawn from all faculties and surfacing considerable cross-divisional activity and enthusiasm, with strong involvement from mid-career researchers. Through the Wave-2 process a further three Initiatives and two networks were established in 2015.

  • Hallmark Initiative in Ageing Research
  • Hallmark Initiative in Improving the Lives of Children in the 21st Century
  • Hallmark Initiative in Therapeutic Technologies Research
  • Research Alliance to End Violence against Women and their Children - operating under the auspices of the Melbourne Social Equity Institute (MSEI)
  • Data, Systems and Society Research Network (DSSRN) – operating under the auspices of the Melbourne Networked Society Institute (MNSI)

The original invitation and further details can be found here.

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