Hallmark Research Initiatives

Establishing the Hallmark Research Initiatives Program

In June 2014 the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) reported to University Executive the establishment of the Hallmark Research Initiatives program, noting as its strategic objectives,

  • an increase in interdisciplinary and intra-institutional academic collaboration;
  • an increase in collaborative research with external partners;
  • facilitation of additional highly competitive applications involving researchers from multiple disciplines to a range of external funding agencies, including industry and international sources; and
  • increased public awareness of the University as a provider of outstanding research that is relevant to and benefits the community.

The first four Hallmark Research Initiatives, identified through the Research@Melbourne consultation process, were established in late 2014 with funding for three years.

Wave-2 of the Hallmark Research Initiatives 

A call for Wave-2 of the Hallmark Research Initiatives program attracted twenty-five Expressions of Interest with research leadership drawn from all faculties. These EOIs surfaced considerable cross-divisional activity and enthusiasm, with strong involvement from mid-career researchers. The original invitation and further details can be found here.

Through the Wave-2 process a further three Hallmark Research Initiatives and two networks were established in 2015.

Wave-3, HASS-Led Hallmark Research Initiatives

Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) disciplines make an important contribution in addressing the grand challenges facing society. This third wave of HRIs was established to surface and support HASS-led, cross divisional alliances that currently exist within the University and two proposals were awarded funding (for three years) commencing in 2017.

It is anticipated that future opportunities for Hallmark Research Initiatives will be available from time to time, in alignment with the University's research strategy.