Research themes

As a graduate researcher, you can choose from a wide range of research themes. Whatever your passion, you'll find exciting opportunities both within your faculty and across disciplines. That's because we value both depth and breadth. So, you'll be supported by experts in your field as you pursue your self-directed research project.

You can also collaborate with experts from many disciplines across the University. This could be through a PhD Program that relates to your research theme. Or by joining one of our many multidisciplinary research initiatives. Through these opportunities, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and experience. You’ll also broaden your networks and enhance your career prospects with a degree you can take anywhere in the world.

  • An architectural model made from coloured perspex

    Architecture, Building and Planning

    Discover graduate research opportunities at the University’s Melbourne School of Design. Find projects in architecture, building and planning.

  • People  at a museum walking in front of a projection of a waterfall and neon colours

    Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

    Explore the University of Melbourne’s graduate research opportunities in arts, humanities and social sciences.

  • birds eye view of people crossing a zebra crossing

    Business and Economics

    Find graduate research opportunities in business and economics at the University of Melbourne, including accounting, finance, marketing, management.

  • A man with dark hair smiles and is leaning back on a yellow plastic chair


    Discover graduate research opportunities in education. Shape the future of policy and curriculum for early childhood, primary or secondary students.

  • A woman standing on a rotating metal platform in front of a white car


    Explore the University’s engineering and technology research themes, including AI, data science, robotics, health and sustainability.

  • A woman stands among reeds on a riverbank. She is holding fishing nets.


    Explore PhD opportunities for environmental research at the University of Melbourne, such as climate change, drought, urban landscapes and extinction.

  • Two women sit next to computers and observe a surgical procedure


    Learn about the University’s graduate research opportunities in health. We’re Australia’s largest biomedical research faculty.

  • Computer code and lights projected over a woman's face

    IT and Computer Science

    Explore a wide range of graduate research opportunities in information technology and computer science.

  • Exterior of a sandstone building and archway


    Discover graduate research and networking opportunities at Melbourne Law School. Explore research projects in all fields of legal scholarship.

  • people in black outfits doing performative dance on a wood floor dance studio

    Music, Performing Arts and Visual Arts

    Become a graduate researcher in music, performing or visual arts. Research at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music or Victorian College of the Arts.

  • Workers with solutions of all-inorganic perovskite quantum dots, showing intense photoluminescence when illuminated with UV light


    Explore the University’s science research opportunities, including biology, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, geography, maths and physics.

  • A person folding back the wool on a sheep's back

    Veterinary, Agricultural and Food Sciences

    Explore the University’s graduate research opportunities in veterinary, agricultural and food sciences.