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Centre for Mental Health

Join a supportive, multidisciplinary community of mental health researchers from across the University.


The Mental Health PhD Program is a supplementary learning opportunity. It will enrich your graduate research experience.

When you join our PhD Program, you’ll feel part of a community. You will work with others who share a passion for discovering new knowledge about mental health. You’ll connect with graduate researchers from other disciplines. And you’ll engage with relevant external organisations. Through the program, you’ll broaden your networks and improve your career prospects.

We have graduate researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • psychiatry
  • psychology
  • epidemiology and community mental health
  • history and philosophy of psychiatry
  • psychiatric nursing
  • social work.

This interdisciplinary PhD program offers PhD candidates in mental health a unified research training experience. It is a joint initiative of the following schools and departments:

As a participant in this program, you will:

  • feel part of a supportive community of mental health researchers
  • learn how to place your work in a broader multidisciplinary context
  • gain a deep awareness of the contemporary mental health environment
  • understand the intellectual, economic and political dimensions of mental health
  • connect with relevant community-based organisations
  • learn research and communication skills to become an accomplished graduate researcher
  • develop professional skills to maximise your graduate career outcomes.


Activities in the Mental Health PhD Program include lectures, seminars and support groups.

Great Minds Lectures

These lectures introduce you to the state of the art in mental health research. Content is presented by expert researchers who are active in their field. Topics include:

  • current research findings
  • hot debate topics
  • the latest techniques and insights.

This knowledge will place you at the forefront of innovation in mental health.

Mental Health Dialogues

This is a student-led series of seminars. You will hear discussions of different views on a single topic within mental health. Presenters include stakeholders from the community and industry. Leading researchers and clinicians from the University will also take part.

Mental Health Hub

This is a community of support and learning that consists of:

  • The Mental Health Future Circle

    • Learn job-related skills, including:
      • research methodology
      • how to write an academic CV
      • how to write a compelling cover letter or abstract
      • how to prepare a competitive grant application.

  • The Mental Health Graduates Circle

    • Build peer networks and share a cup of coffee
    • Practice essential academic skills with your peers, such as:
      • presenting your own work
      • designing a good conference poster
      • rehearsing conference talks.

Seminar Series

You will be invited to attend talks by University academics and visiting experts. The subjects of these seminars will be drawn from the different host departments.


To join the Mental Health PhD Program, you must be currently enrolled in a PhD at the University of Melbourne. Your doctoral research topic must relate to mental health.

When you join the program, you will remain enrolled in your current department.

You can join a PhD Program at any time during your candidature. You will remain part of the program until you complete your doctoral studies.

If you’re a current University of Melbourne PhD candidate

If you want to apply for a PhD with us

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