Your research options

Whatever your passion, you’ll find stimulating opportunities at the University of Melbourne.

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Research themes

As a graduate researcher, you can access a wide range of research themes. Whatever your passion, you'll find exciting opportunities both within your faculty and across disciplines. That's because we value both depth and breadth. So, you'll be supported by experts in your field as you pursue your self-directed research project. And you can also collaborate with experts from many disciplines across the University. This could be through a PhD Program, or one of our many multidisciplinary research initiatives.

While completing your graduate research degree, you’ll receive training of the highest quality. You’ll have opportunities for industry collaboration. You may also like to explore a joint PhD with one of our international partners.

Through these opportunities, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and experience. You’ll also broaden your networks and enhance your career prospects with a degree you can take anywhere in the world.

International Joint PhD opportunities

When you undertake a Joint PhD, you are supervised by academics from two institutions. As well as the University of Melbourne, you will spend at least 12 months at an international institution. This means your research will benefit from a truly global perspective, and you will enhance your prospects for an international research career.

There are currently several fully funded Joint PhD opportunities available with universities and research institutions around the world.

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PhD Programs

Give yourself an edge by joining a supplementary PhD Program. We currently offer 10 multidisciplinary programs. Each has a different focus, such as mental health, cancer, or infection and immunity. You'll work with graduate researchers from other disciplines, who share your passion to make a difference.

As a participant, you can attend masterclasses and workshops. You'll hear from experts in your field and keep up to date with breakthrough discoveries. Joining a PhD Program is a great way to broaden your networks and your career prospects.

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Indigenous researchers

We support Indigenous graduate researchers at the University. Get help with your application and finances, find a PhD supervisor, and meet other students.

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Your study experience

Discover what it's like to be a graduate researcher. Find out about University life, support services, and skill development opportunities.

Multidisciplinary research

As a graduate researcher, you can work with researchers from other disciplines to solve current real-world challenges. For example, health researchers and neuroscientists might collaborate to learn more about mental health. Or economists might engage with designers to create affordable housing. Whatever your passion, you can connect with others who want to make a difference.

When you join an interdisciplinary research initiative, you'll reap many benefits.  Exposure to other disciplines helps you to reflect on the world in different ways. It helps you place your own research within a wider context. And it gives you access to a broad pool of knowledge. We know that great things happen when curious minds come together to solve the world’s challenges.

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Industry & Research precincts

Learn about industry precincts at the University of Melbourne. We have custom-built precincts for biomedicine, the arts, engineering and design.

Find an Expert Grad Research

Find a supervisor

Choosing a supervisor is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a graduate researcher. Your supervisors will offer support as you pursue your self-directed research and make new discoveries. They will guide you to ensure your research contribution is relevant and globally valued.

We have experts across every discipline, so you can feel confident that you'll find the right supervisors for your field of research.

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