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See yourself at the University of Melbourne and explore your world of possibilities.

Pushing the boundaries of knowledge

Join a stimulating research community at Australia’s leading comprehensive research-intensive university. As a graduate researcher, you’ll access research training of the highest quality. You’ll be well-supported by a community of experts who are ranked among the world’s best – by number of citations, awards and grant success.

We'll challenge you to push the boundaries of knowledge and make a difference in your field. We’ll help you design purposeful PhD or masters research that adds to the store of human knowledge or creates real world-impact or does both. Research that leads to a better, fairer, richer world.

And when you leave, you'll enhance your career prospects with a degree you can take anywhere in the world.

Your graduate research experience

Find out more about life as a graduate researcher. Read success stories of past research students, and find out about your research responsibilities and those of your supervisors. Understand how the University will support you during your graduate research training at the University of Melbourne.

The graduate researcher experience

Listen to the Vice-Chancellor talk about the University's commitment to an inclusive and respectful culture.


Explore the University's facilities and resources available to you, from the kilometres of archives at your disposal, to the research platforms and staff that help support your research, as well as where to find your study spaces.

Find out more about facilities

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Research infrastructure

Offering a diverse range of technologies and expertise, our network of platforms helps academic and industry researchers obtain trusted results

Interior view of a converted stables now contemporary office.

Industry & Research precincts

Learn about industry precincts at the University of Melbourne. We have custom-built precincts for biomedicine, the arts, engineering and design.

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Museums & Collections

Discover the University’s wide range of museums and collections. Use these valuable resources to support your research, learning and teaching goals.

Indigenous researchers

The University of Melbourne is proud of its Indigenous researchers and is committed to their ongoing success. At the University, you will be part of a close-knit Indigenous community that shares your culture, your challenges and your motivations.

Under strong Indigenous leadership, we provide research initiatives and development opportunities to support your success, and that respond to the needs of our growing Indigenous community.

Indigenous researchers

We support Indigenous graduate researchers at the University. Get help with your application and finances, find a PhD supervisor, and meet other students.

Two men and three women standing in a group, smiling. image taken at the Indigenous University Welcome and Reconciliation Celebration

Want to do a PhD in an Indigenous knowledges topic?

The Indigenous Knowledge Institute is building a network of graduate researchers who are advancing research in Indigenous knowledges.

Are you enrolled in, or intending to apply for, a PhD at the University of Melbourne related to Indigenous knowledge systems? If you would like to join a dynamic cohort of researchers, please get in touch with the IKI. Scholarships and other opportunities may also be available to domestic applicants accepted into a PhD program at the University.

Contact the Institute

Find a supervisor

Choosing a supervisor is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a graduate researcher. Your supervisors will offer support as you pursue your self-directed research and make new discoveries. They will guide you to ensure your research contribution is relevant and globally valued.

We have experts across every discipline, so you can feel confident that you'll find the right supervisors for your field of research.

Find a supervisor

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