Research Computing Services

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Artists impression of the inside of a data centre

Research Computing Services offer specialised computing services to support the University’s researchers across all disciplines.

Research Computing Services helps our researchers find the best options for creating, analysing, collecting and managing their data. We also provide training and support in digital research tools and our systems.

We operate and manage the University’s research computing infrastructure and facilitate access to national super computing services such as NCI (National Computational Infrastructure) and national cloud service (Nectar Research Cloud).

Our services are coordinated with national programs and include:

  • High performance / large scale computing (central processing unit (CPU) and general purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU)) for demanding computational operations
  • Maintaining over 250 software applications for undertaking data analytics on the University’s systems
  • Operating the Melbourne Research Cloud, which offers a suite of on-demand virtualised (cloud) computing resources
  • Data storage solutions tailored to researchers’ needs.


  • 8000 cores of high-performance computing (CPU-based) platform
  • 300 nodes of GPGPU computing platform for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications
  • 20 000 virtual cores of cloud computing providing access to on-demand computation capacity
  • 4 petabytes of computational storage to support research activity on our cloud computing and high-performance platforms
  • 4 petabytes of research data storage that provides protection, security and compliance for research data and collections
  • Access to 10 000 000 service units (SU) at the national supercomputing service (NCI)
  • Access to 2000 cores of national cloud computing service (Nectar Research Cloud).

User information

The platform is only available to members of the University of Melbourne research community and is offered at no direct cost to researchers. Our workshops and training events are offered free-of-charge.

Other platforms

Our services are tightly coupled to the University’s large data producing instrument platforms, where we ensure data is securely transported to appropriate storage or computational environments or prepared for delivery to external research partners.

Contact us

Dr Stephen Giugni

Phone: +61 3 8344 7822

More information on this platform can be found on the Research Gateway, which is available to all University of Melbourne academic and honorary staff, graduate researchers and professional staff.  Please note, to access the Research Gateway, you will need to login with your University of Melbourne username and password.