Melbourne Histology Platform

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The Melbourne Histology Platform helps researchers and clinicians to investigate human, plant and animal anatomy at the microscopic level, to diagnose disease and to understand disease processes.

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We help researchers with high quality biological tissue preparation, processing and staining for histology. We also offer training and consulting services for experimental design.

Our procedures include:

  • Processing routine and specialised tissues
  • Paraffin and frozen tissue embedding
  • Paraffin-, cryo- and vibrating-microtome tissue sectioning
  • Automated haematoxylin and eosin staining
  • Routine and special staining, such as silver stains
  • Antibody labelling/immunohistochemistry.

We have experience with a wide range of samples and projects. For example we have:

  • Refined specialised bone section staining to age frogs for a long-term conservation project
  • Developed immunohistochemistry protocols
  • Optimised a sectioning technique for dairy product samples for bio-engineering research.


  • Automated haematoxylin and eosin stainer
  • Automated immunostainer
  • Cryostats/cryo-microtomes
  • Paraffin embedder
  • Paraffin processors
  • Paraffin microtomes
  • Vibratome/vibrating-blade microtome.

User information

The platform is open to all researchers at the University of Melbourne and affiliated institutes on a self-operating or a fee-for-service basis.

Other platforms

We work closely with the Australian Phenomics Network Histopathology service, including offering a transfer service for slide scanning and histopathology reporting.

The platform can also be used in conjunction with the Biological Optical Microscopy Platform and the BioSciences Microscopy Unit.

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Phone: +61 3 8344 5752

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