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Melbourne Bioinformatics’ experts help researchers collect, store and analyse large amounts of biological data, for example complex genomes.

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Our team does research, teaches scientists and builds new tools to make it easier for researchers to do bioinformatics.

We can:

  • embed a bioinformatics expert into a research project who is supported by the senior advisory team
  • consult on grants, research design and data analysis/management
  • teach teams to do their own bioinformatics with self-directed tutorials, hands-on training workshops and webinars
  • provide access to Master of Science (Bioinformatics) students to work on research projects
  • supervise PhD students.

We are part of the international team which created, maintains and develops Galaxy and we manage its Melbourne installation. Galaxy is a global, open source, web-based platform for data-intensive biomedical research. These workflows now feature in scientific papers, enabling open science by publishing both research data and reproducible analysis pipelines.

We are also part of the PRECEPT (Prostate Cancer Prognosis and Treatment) team, which features a number of international institutions and researchers with a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds. PRECEPT is targeting short-term treatment goals for lethal prostate cancer.

Another major project is the recently co-published Janis, which is a simpler way to run data analysis pipelines on multiple computing platforms.


Our expertise covers:

  • Human and non-human genomics
  • Cancer genomics
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Machine learning
  • Biological data visualisation
  • Software development
  • Galaxy resourcing
  • Bioinformatics tool development
  • Research infrastructure project development and management, including the Australian BioCommons.

User information

The platform is open to researchers at the University of Melbourne and its affiliates. Initial consultations are free. Training is free to University of Melbourne students and researchers. Training opportunities are also available through our national and international collaborations across the bioinformatics community. Tailored training programs available on request.

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Associate Professor Daniel Park or

Phone: +61 3 8344 9059

More information on this platform can be found on the Research Gateway, which is available to all University of Melbourne academic and honorary staff, graduate researchers and professional staff.  Please note, to access the Research Gateway, you will need to login with your University of Melbourne username and password.