ACRF-TPF Reverse Phase Protein Array

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The Australian Cancer Research Foundation Translational Proteomics Facility (ACRF-TPF) provides Reverse Phase Protein Array (RPPA), a technology for measuring the expression of signalling proteins in any biological setting.

About the platform

ACRF-TPF Reverse Phase Protein Array technology essentially enables researchers to perform large scale protein expression profiling using a micro dot-blotting system akin to performing a large number of western blots quickly and efficiently. The system only requires very small amounts of protein and these can be from patient samples, standard cell-culture sourced material or a range of other samples.

The ACRF-TPF has curated over 200 antibodies, and this list is always growing. Researchers have many options. You can choose to screen the entire collection, or either of two different discovery panels (which are curated to include the most commonly screened targets of mainstream signalling pathways), or customise a selection from the whole library. You can even BYO.

The ACRF-TPF has been used to answer a diverse range of biological questions. It has proven particularly valuable when only very limited sample material is available. Because such a large number of samples can be screened at once (at least 66 per antibody) researchers commonly perform much broader dose-response and time course profiles than they otherwise would.

Our highly trained platform staff will help with experimental design and antibody selection and the service includes full data analysis. We can also assist with grant submissions and budgeting.

We offer:

  • Quantitative expression analysis
  • Access to over 200 verified antibodies
  • Panel of foundation lysates from cell lines and solid tissues that can be screened if required
  • Access to platform-specific lysis buffers
  • Advice on experimental design and training for best practice
  • Antibody verification on supplied materials
  • Western blotting services
  • In-Cell Western screening capabilities
  • Fully documented RPPA screen reporting
  • Statistical analysis.


  • GeSim Nanoplotter
  • LiCOR Odyssey scanner
  • large scale liquid handling automation (ALH3000 Sciclone, Perkin Elmer)
  • Zeptosens ZeptoReader (laser-based scanning system)

User information

The platform is housed within the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac) in the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and is accessed on a fee-for-service basis.

The platform is highly sensitive, so we recommend you perform three biological replicates for each sample to be analysed. We look for 30ul of 2mg/ml protein concentration but if that is not possible due to limited sample material, we will discuss options with you. The platform has a detailed companion user guide and submission documents, which we can provide on request.

Our curated antibody library is available to all users, or you can bring your own antibodies.

Other platforms

The platform can be used in conjunction with:

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Contact us

Kaylene Simpson

Phone: +61 3 8559 7509

More information on this platform can be found on the Research Gateway, which is available to all University of Melbourne academic and honorary staff, graduate researchers and professional staff. To access the Research Gateway, login with your University of Melbourne username and password.