Tuesdays with OREI seminar series 2015

Recordings of the Tuesdays with OREI 2015 seminar series are available.

'Taking advantage of disadvantage: When is International Clinical Research Exploitative?' by Dr Andrew Ross

Due to globalisation, commercial clinical trials of new drugs are increasingly being conducted in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, despite the fact that if proven to be effective, the drugs will only be affordable to people in High-Income Countries. This type of arrangement has benefits for all parties, but has been described as exploitation of the countries hosting the research and of the participants themselves. In this presentation Dr Ross will discuss a number of examples in order to illustrate what we mean by 'exploitation' in this context, and what should be done about it.

Podcast (audio only) available here

'Ethical guidelines for researchers working with Aboriginal communities' by Dr Brett Baker

An increasing number of research professionals are interested in conducting research with Aboriginal people, especially in remote parts of Australia. This is partly because issues such as Aboriginal life expectancy, educational outcomes, and employment opportunities have become increasingly urgent for Commonwealth governments. Conducting research with Aboriginal people, however, often in remote areas with strong traditional cultural continuities, presents researchers with considerable academic as well as interpersonal challenges.

Drawing upon own experience working with Aboriginal people in both remote and regional areas of Australia, and with regards to the literature and national guidelines of various Indigenous organisations, Dr Baker will discuss some of the concerns that Aboriginal people have about research participation and how to get the best outcome for a research project involving Aboriginal people. Dr Baker will also present current research projects that illustrate why research with Aboriginal participants is crucial for our understanding of human behaviour more broadly.

Podcast (audio only) available here

'Guidelines for the ethical use of digital data in human research' by Associate Professor Jodie McVernon

Digital data presents researchers and ethics committees with familiar and novel ethical issues. The qualities of digital data, including its mobility and replicability, present new kinds of ethical challenges which emerge in relation to data governance, data security and data management. Accepted strategies for managing issues such as privacy and confidentiality, and informed consent, need rethinking.

With support from the University of Melbourne’s Carlton Connect Initiative, this research group has distilled these challenges, and some possible solutions, into a set of guidelines for researchers and ethics committee members. Associate Professor McVernon's presentation outlines the process of expert consultation that produced the guidelines, shares some key recommendations, and solicits further feedback on progress to date.

Podcast (audio only) available here

'Ebola: The outbreak, transmissibility, testing and bio-containment' by Dr Julian Druce

Testing for Ebola and setting up a PC4 suit laboratory have been a big focus of the first 12 months of life in the new Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity - a joint venture between Melbourne Health and The University of Melbourne. In this presentation, Dr Julian Druce will discuss the current outbreak of Ebola, the testing methods employed, and the practices specific to PC4 laboratory life.

Podcast (audio only) available here

Powerpoint slides from presentation available here

'Sporting Integrity: Rule Compliance and Investigations' by Paul Horvath and Andrew Vincent

Recent sporting events have drawn attention to issues of misconduct and integrity across sporting codes. Drawing upon their extensive experience in the specialist area of sports law, Paul Horvath and Andrew Vincent will discuss prominent issues for rule compliance with Anti-Doping Codes and Codes of Conduct in sports with particular focus on rules against brining the sport into disrepute, as well as the investigation process.

Podcast (audio only) available here

Powerpoint slides from presentation available here

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