OREI Keynote: Why researchers need to take more responsibility for integrity in research

Misconduct in research is often characterized as an unusual occurrence that is not indicative of the otherwise high standards for integrity broadly encouraged by governments, researcher institutions and researchers.  As such, it is seen as something that governments and institutions need to confront but not a problem for the average, responsible researcher.  This talk will review what is known about integrity in research, the reasons researchers engage in misconduct and what institutions and governments have done to respond.  It will conclude with the suggestion that future support and funding for research may well depend on whether researchers as a whole assume more responsibility for the integrity of their profession.

About Professor Nicholas Steneck

Nicholas H. Steneck is a Professor Emeritus of History and Director, MICHR Research Ethics Program at the University of Michigan.  His work on research integrity began in 1984, when he chaired Michigan’s pioneering Task Force on Integrity in Scholarship (1984).  From 1991 to 1993, he chaired the Public Health Service Advisory Committee on Research Integrity.

Professor Steneck helped establish the ORI/NIH Research on Research Integrity Program; authored the ORI Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research; co-chaired six ORI Research Integrity Conferences and co-organized and co-chaired the first and second World Conferences on Research Integrity. He was instrumental in the development of the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity and is the lead advisor a new international online research integrity training program developed by the UK company, Epigeum.

Listen to the Podcast (audio only) from Professor Steneck's seminar.