Beyond Compliance: ethics and integrity research showcase 2015

'Beyond Compliance: Ethics and Integrity Research Showcase' is an annual event open to the public, celebrating recent advances and innovations in research ethics and integrity at the University of Melbourne.

The principles of research ethics and integrity are more than prescriptive requirements; they are active, living principles extending beyond compliance. This event showcases research supported by the Sir William Brunton Memorial Fund via the University of Melbourne's Office for Research Ethics and Integrity (OREI) Development Grants scheme.

Beyond Compliance 2015

Beyond Compliance 2015 was held in association with the Department of Mircobiology and Immunology on the 20th of October 2015, and featured the work of the five recipients of the Development Grant Scheme.

'Using research participants as co-researchers: Ethical considerations' by Dr Merle Spriggs, Children's Bioethics Centre / Centre for Health Equity (Melbourne School of Population and Global Health)

'Development of a surgical teaching model for vessel ligation and hemostasis' Ms Carol Bradley (Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences)

'Development of an improved formulation of anaesthetic agent to improve the welfare of laboratory animals at euthanasia' by Associate Professor Simon Bailey (Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences)

'Digital Storytelling and Aboriginal young people: ethical and cultural considerations for researching with visual/sensory methods in an online world' by Dr Fran Edmonds (Faculty of Arts)

'Trust Me I'm an Artist ... or She'll Be Right' by Ms Katy Greenland (Faculty of Fine Arts and Music)

The Sir William Brunton Memorial Fund was established in honour of the late Sir William Brunton, businessman and lord mayor. The estate of Sir William Brunton was largely left to charities and from the income of his bequest to The University of Melbourne, the promotion of research in the University continues.

Further details of Sir William Brunton’s life and legacy can be found here.

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