OREI's Twitter Comeback

Eight months after OREI’s last Blog performance and just in time to rival Garth Brooks, Jamie T and the remaining members of Monty Python, OREI uses Blog to announce its own comeback tour.*

A tour of our recently revived Twitter account, that is (sans the band t-shirt and overpriced tickets).

In what can only be described as a shameless attempt at cross-promotion, OREI brings you this post to share the latest on @UoM_OREI Twitter activity; who we’re following for current issues in research ethics and integrity (highly recommended); and what to expect from our next album.**

*Likelihood of distracting from aforementioned acts: minimal to none.
** Whilst OREI has no plans for a ‘next album’, we remain open to invitations to collaborate. <Radiohead, wink  wink>.

You may have noticed an increase in OREI’s Twitter activity as we re/tweet and ‘favourite’ posts raising interesting issues in research ethics and integrity across the disciplines. You may have also noticed one Tuesday per month when we tweet (en masse) 140 character sound bites from guest speakers presenting at a Tuesdays with OREI seminar.

(And for those who haven’t, we can only encourage you to follow our activities a bit more closely).

@UoM_OREI Following
We’ve recently come across some useful sources of information and started following these accounts (crudely categorised as follows):


  • Centres for Disease Control and Prevention: @CDCgov
    CDC’s official Twitter feed for health and safety updates
  • ProMED-mail: @ProMED_mail
    Twitter feed of ProMED reports on emerging diseases and acute exposures to toxins in humans, animals and food plants
  • Microbiology Network: @MicrobiologyNet
    The Centre for Infectious Disease Research and Policy and the University of Minnesota

Recent news which has caught our attention:

Creative Research:

  • Creative Time: @creativetimeNYC
    Innovative art in the public realm
  • Art& Science Journal: @artandsciencej
    A publication about artworks that deal with themes of science, nature and technology

Recent news which has caught our attention:

Research Ethics and Integrity (General):

    The UK Research Integrity Office: providing advice on good research practice and addressing research misconduct and fraud
  • Research Integrity: @HHS_ORI
    U.S Office of Research Integrity, US Dept. of Health & Human Services: promotes responsible research and oversees investigations of research misconduct
  • Research Ethics KCL: @Ethics_KCL
    Promoting good ethical practice among research community at King’s College London
  • AfRE: @AfREnews
    Independent, self-governing body of Research Ethics Community Members, with the aim of fostering excellence in research involving human participants
  • Retraction Watch: @RetractionWatch
    Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process
  • Practical Ethics: @ethicsinthenews
    The Practical Ethics blog, hosted at Oxford University. Ethical perspectives on the news
  • Publication Ethics: @COPE
    Helping Editors of academic journals prevent and manage publication misconduct

Recent news which has caught our attention:


  • Nature: @nature
    International weekly journal of science. Editorials, news and views, corrections and primary research coverage
  • Nature News & Comment: @NatureNews
    Latest science news and opinion from Nature, the international weekly journal of science
  • Practical Bioethics: @PracBioethics
    The Centre for Practical Bioethics – a non-profit, independent organisation nationally recognised for its work in practical bioethics in healthcare since 1984
  • Bioethics.com: @bioethicsdotcom
    Your global information source on bioethics news and issues
  • Berman Institute: @bermaninstitute
    The Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics is the home for collaborative bioethics scholarship and teaching at Johns Hopkins University
  • BioEdge: @bioedge
    Latest news about bioethics with an accent on human dignity
  • Discover Magazine: @DiscoverMag
    The best science magazine, in print and online

Recent news which has caught our attention:


  • LSEImpactBlog: @LSEImpactBlog
    A forum for those interested in increasing the impact of social sciences on government policy, society and business
  • 4Humanities: @4Hum
    Resource for humanities advocacy, powered by the international digital humanities community

Other general sources:

  • Scholarly Kitchen: @scholarlykitchn
    A moderated and independent blog aimed to help fulfil the mission of the Society for Scholarly Publishing
  • ResearchGate: @ResearchGate
    Striving to help researchers make progress happen faster
  • Chronicle: @chronicle
    The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • The Conversation: @ConversationUK and @ConversationEDU
    Independent news and commentary website produced by academics and journalists
  • Times Higher Education: @timeshighered
    Global higher education news, views and reviews.

Recent news which has caught our attention:

As you can see our Twitter comeback has not only resulted in us rejoining the discussion about research ethics and integrity, but also has generated a library of resources that other interested folk can use (think ethics committee members, retraction watch lurkers, etc.).

We hope our social media comeback of sorts extends into this blog – watch this space!
(Who knows, our comeback may even spawn overpriced OREI T-Shirts…)

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