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  • Smart corridor improves traffic flow for fairer roads

    The partnership with Kapsch TrafficCom pairs traffic sensors with advanced AI technology to improve the safety and flow of people – not just cars. Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

  • Torch Recruit

    The University of Melbourne is collaborating with regional and rural GPs across the country to improve health outcomes, with the help of an innovative new platform. Faculty of Medicine Dentistry And Health Sciences

  • Harnessing hyperspectral and thermal camera data to detect crop disease early

    HyperSens Lab is fine-tuning algorithms and methodologies that will accurately diagnose harmful vegetation diseases in their early stages to limit outbreaks of plant pathogens that threaten global food security. Faculty of ScienceFaculty of Engineering and Information Technology

  • AI Platform targets crowd-sourced data for military intelligence

    University of Melbourne and the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) have developed an AI-led platform to extract high-quality social media data in real-time to help defence analysts monitor and respond to fast-moving events. Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

  • Building and diversifying technology talent for the future

    The next generation of highly skilled technology talent is in the making thanks to a major partnership between Telstra and the University of Melbourne. Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

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