CoVA Small Grants Scheme

The CoVA Small Grants Scheme is designed to foster and embed emerging research in the visual arts at the University of Melbourne, promoting:

  • Research excellence in the visual arts through support of activities and outputs from CoVA Fellows;
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration between the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, the Faculty of Arts and the wider University;
  • Strategic partnerships between the University and external bodies, with an emphasis on the arts and cultural sector;
  • Non-Traditional Research Outputs (NTROs) that reflect the individual and institutional strengths of both the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne.

The CoVA Small Grants Scheme is open to CoVA Fellows. External researchers, bodies and institutions may only submit applications when collaborating on an application with at least one current CoVA Fellow.

Two rounds of applications for CoVA Small Grants funding will be held annually, in March and August. Outcomes of these applications will be decided by the CoVA Advisory Board, with reference being made to the proposed project details, timeline and budget – as well as the suitability of the project alongside the broader research priorities of the Centre of Visual Art – in assessing the applications.


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CoVA Budget Template 2019
CoVA Budget Template 2019 (MS Excel Document 13.7 KB)
Guidelines-CoVASmallGrants-2019.pdf (PDF 352.9 KB)