University-wide research contacts

Find your faculty's local grants coordinators, research managers, agreement administrators, publications coordinators and commercial engagement contacts on your Faculty's research funding contacts page.

Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC) contacts.

  • Major Initiatives

    All queries and communications can be directed to

    Renae Carolin Manager, Major Initiatives +61 3 8344 2039
    Anita Vecchies Team Leader, Research Initiatives +61 3 8344 2054
    Gabrielle CallanderTeam Leader, Research Infrastructure and Strategy Support+61 3 8344 8830
    Michelle Kendall Senior Major Initiatives Officer +61 3 8344 4385
    Melanie Horder Senior Major Initiatives Officer +61 3 9035 8379
    Anicca Maleedy-MainHallmark Initiatives Project Officer+61 3 8344 6496
    Sarah Jaber Major Initiatives Officer +61 3 9035 3515
    Gary Nguyen Major Initiatives Officer +61 3 8344 8365
    Sam PoynterResearch Infrastructure Project Officer+61 3 9035 6925

  • RIC Contracts Team

    Please refer first to

    For initial or general enquiries, please write to

    Name and role

    Primary contact for


    Mr Shaun Blacker

    Manager, Research Contracts

    Urgent matters or issues in need of escalation

    +61 3 9035 3384     

    Mr Toby Sterling

    Contracting Lead, STEM

    Contract Matters as allocated

    +61 3 8344 5720

    WFH Wed, not in 2nd Tues

    Ms Laura Arfi

    Contracting Lead, Life Sciences

    Contract Matters as allocated+61 3 8344 8557
    Mr Benjamin Dendle

    Deputy Manager Contracting Lead HASS
    Contract Matters as allocated+61 3 8344 6643
    Mr Samuel Hatfield

    Senior Contracts Officer
    Contract Matters as allocated+61 3 8344 3516
    Ms Kerewin (‘KJ’) Huck

    Contracts Officer
    Contract Matters as allocated+61 3 8344 9674
    Mr Matthew Gotch

    Contracts Officer
    Contract Matters as allocated+61 3 8344 9203

    Ms Hadar Kotler

    Contracts Officer

    Contracts Matters as allocated

    +61 3 8344 8489

    Mon, Tues , Thur

    Ms Christine James

    Team Leader - Research Contracts Support

    Themis matters including GL code creation +61 3 8344 6528
    Ms Kathryn Tafra
    Contracts Officer
    Themis matters as assigned; training queries.
    Queries relating to Themis processes.
    Contracts Matters as allocated

    +61 3 9035 6412

    Tues, Wed, Thur

    Ms Angela Khoury
    Contracts Officer (Finance)

    Contract financial matters

    UoM/C Themis GL project codes;

    UoMC disbursements to UoM;

    UoMC finance and project reporting

    +61 3 9035 4099

    Mon, Wed, Thur

    Ms Marianne Botros
    Contracts Officer

    UoMC post-award contract management

    GL code creation

    Contracts Matters as allocated

    +61 3 9035 3006
    Ms Kristin Williams
    Senior Agreements Advisor
    Complex Grants Matters as allocated+61 3 9035 5813

  • ARC, Philanthropic, Primary Industries and Internal (APPII) Grants

    ARC grants (Discovery Projects, Discovery Indigenous, DECRA, Linkage and Future Fellowship), Philanthropic, Primary Industry and Internal Grants  For ARC, Internal Grants and other Australian grant scheme information please refer to scheme pages

    ARC Discovery Projects, ARC Future Fellowships and Discovery Indigenous
    ARC Linkage Projects
    ARC Progress and Final reports
    Philanthropic Grants
    Primary Industry Grants
    Internal Grants (except McKenzie Fellowships)
    McKenzie Fellowship Internal Grants
    Leah Mount Manager, Research Grants (Tue, Wed & Thu) +61 3 8344 2012
    Angela Baklavas Team Leader, Research Grants +61 3 8344 2018
    Elizabeth Morfe Senior Grants Officer +61 3 8344 2064
    Annabel Cookson Grants Officer +61 3 8344 2061
    Veronica Loew Grants Officer +61 3 8344 8236
    Carina Nandlal Grants Officer (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) +61 3 8344 1761      
    Kristie Jackson Grants Officer (Tuesday and Thursday)+61 3 9035 4725
    Alvin WongGrants Officer+61 3 8344 9352
    Lyndal Nicholson Philanthropic Grants Officer +61 3 9035 4368
    Trish Kendal Primary Industries Grants Officer (currently on secondment) +61 3 9035 5026
    Emily Kersing Internal Grants Officer+61 3 8344 8418
    Kim TurnerGrants
    Madeline GibsonGrants

  • Health and Medical Grants

    NHMRC and Australian health and medical grants (except philanthropic grants). For NHMRC and other Australian grant scheme information please refer to scheme pages

    EmailDetails Applications for NHMRC Project, Development, Partnership Projects, Targeted & Urgent Call and Program schemes Applications for NHMRC Scholarships and
    all Fellowship schemes (Research, Practitioner, Dementia, Early Career, Career Development and TRIP) Applications for all other Australian health and medical grant schemes (except philanthropic grants) for Australian health and medical grant funding (except philanthropic)
    Frank Anastasopoulos Manager, Research Grants +61 3 8344 8208
    Anne Coco Team Leader +61 3 8344 8265
    Anna Giannios Grants Officer +61 3 8344 2608
    Sophie Cleaves Senior Grants Officer (MRFF)     +61 3 9035 4878      
    Mahesh Sundar Grants Officer +61 3 9035 4440
    Scott Chambers Grants Officer +61 3 8344 5839
    Patrick Heng Grants Officer

  • International Grants

    Contact the International Grants team via

    Name Primary contact forPhone
    Jessica Brody
    Acting Manager, Research Grants

    USA sponsors

    +61 3 8344 9104

    Adelene Auyong
    Acting Senior Grants Officer

    USA sponsors

    +61 3 9035 7362

    Sally Dickinson
    Grants Officer (International)

    Post-award support

    +61 3 8344 5979

    Peter Blight
    Grants Officer (International)

    Internal schemes+61 3 8344 6160

    Elka Wakefield / Ellerina Gray
    Assistant Grants Officer

    Pre and post award support+61 3 8344 5373

    Ken Choong
    Grants Officer (International)

    Post Award Support+61 3 9035 8763

  • Major Initiatives, Grants and Contracts feedback or concerns

    Researchers who would like to raise concerns or provide feedback on the service they received from the Major Initiatives, Contracts and Grants team (MICG) are encouraged to contact the Director of MICG, David Robson.

  • Themis agreement and funding opportunities

    For all general Themis agreements records enquires please contact

    Vacant Themis Agreements Account Officer TBA
    William Kay Themis Agreements and Funding Opportunities Officer +61 3 9035 9710

  • Research ethics and integrity

    Research Ethics and Integrity is the University's main point of contact for issues relating to animal welfare, animal and human ethics, research integrity, research misconduct, gene technology, biosafety, quarantine, and export controls.

    Find all research ethics and integrity resources and contacts on the Research Ethics and Integrity website.

  • Commercial engagement

    Business Development Directors and Managers with senior industry experience are embedded within all faculties. They are your entry point to a range of University services that support the academic community to engage with industry, pursue research sponsorship and tender opportunities, develop contract research proposals, protect and commercialise intellectual assets.

    If you are unable to get in touch with any of your local faculty contacts, you can contact Kevin Orrman-Rossiter (RIC External Enquiries Manager) for assistance you with your enquiry.

    Your local faculty contacts

    Custom education - for all academic divisions

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    Faculty of Arts

    Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

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    Melbourne School of Engineering

    BIO 21 Institute

  • Tenders and project support

    Andrew Maxwell, Team Leader, Project Officer

  • Technology licensing and intellectual property

    Intellectual property enquiries

    Lachlan Wilson, Manager, IP Portfolio

    Technology transfer and licensing enquiries

    Michael Jorgensen, Manager, Technology Transfer & Licensing