Other departments research contacts

Agreement administrators, publications coordinators and commercial engagement contacts for BIO21, AsiaLink, Ian Potter Museum of Art and AIHI Ltd.

Find University-wide contacts for Major Initiatives, Grants and Contracts as well as Themis agreements advisors on the University-wide research funding contacts page.

  • Publication coordinators and academic liaison officers
    Department number Department name Liaison officer
    9730 Academic Services (Research & Collections) Paula Barlow
    9730 Academic Services (Scholarly Information) Paula Barlow
  • Themis agreement administrators
    Department numberDepartmentAdministratorComment
    7890 BIO21 Shimoda, Mika Projects where the lead ci/project leader is from Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences or Geography
    7890 BIO21 Refer to Science agreement administrators Projects where the lead CI/project leader is from any other Science departments
    7890 BIO21 Refer To MDHS agreement administrators Projects where the lead ci/project leader is from a Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences school/department/institute
  • Commercial engagement contacts and advice

    Business Development Directors and Managers with senior industry experience are embedded within all faculties. They are your entry point to a range of University services that support the academic community to engage with industry, pursue research sponsorship and tender opportunities, develop contract research proposals, protect and commercialise intellectual assets.

    Bio21 contacts

    If you can get in touch with the contacts above, please email Andrew Maxwell, Team Leader, Business Development Support.