Themis agreement administrators

Department numberDepartmentAdministratorComment
5000 MDHS (Faculty agreements only) James, Colin Main administrator
5010 Doherty Institute Dutta-Doloi, Monjita Main administrator
5050 Melbourne School of Population and Global Health Vo, Tam Main administrator
5050 Melbourne School of Population and Global Health Mayhew, Tracey

Nanu, Nesha
Centre for Health Policy
5050 Melbourne School of Population and Global Health Weston, Trish

Lenaghan, Maggie
Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
5050 Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

Gilmartin, Kylie

Kelsey, Michelle

Centre for Health Equity
5050 Melbourne School of Population and Global Health Nanu, Nesha

Mayhew, Tracey
Centre for Mental Health
5050 Melbourne School of Population and Global Health Gracey, Rebecca Nossal Institute for Global Health
5070 Centre for Youth Mental Health Purcell, Rosemary 



Melbourne Medical School

Medical Education

Micallef, Ryan

Micallef, Ryan

5110 Melbourne Dental School Vo, Tam  
5120 Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences Moore, Claire 
5130 Physiotherapy Vo, Tam 
5140 Nursing Vo, Tam 
5160 Anatomy and Neuroscience Naidu, Viraj 
5180Centre for Cancer Research James, Colin 
5200 Otolaryngology Dutta-Doloi, Monjita 
5210 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Naidu, Viraj 
5260 Microbiology and Immunology Solanki, Jay 
5300 School of Biomedical Sciences Solanki, Jay 
5690 Clinical Pathology Micallef, Ryan 
5340 Pharmacology and Therapeutics Martin, Francessca 
5360 Physiology Martin, Francessca 
5430 Medicine - Austin Health Zejnula, Fabiana 
5460 Surgery - Austin Health Tan, Sue Lynn 
5480Austin Health - Clinical SchoolTan, Sue Lynn 
5500 Royal Melbourne Hospital Academic Centre Micallef, Ryan 
5530 Medicine - Royal Melbourne Hospital Zejnula, Fabiana 
5540 Psychiatry Micallef, Ryan 
5550 Radiology Zejnula, Fabiana 
5560 Surgery - Royal Melbourne Hospital Dutta-Doloi, Monjita 
5580Royal Melbourne Hospital - Clinical SchoolDutta-Doloi, Monjita 
5600 Eastern Hill Academic Centre Dutta-Doloi, Monjita 
5630 Medicine - St Vincent's Hospital Zejnula, Fabiana 
5660 Surgery - St Vincent's Hospital Dutta-Doloi, Monjita 
5680 St Vincent's Clinical School Dutta-Doloi, Monjita 
5700 School of Health Sciences Vo, Tam 
5710 Paediatrics Royal Children's Hospital Tan, Sue Lynn 
5760 Ophthalmology Eye and Ear Hospital Alvarez-Diaz, Silva 
5770 Audiology and Speech Pathology Vo, Tami 
5790 Obstetrics And Gynaecology Royal Women's Hospital/Mercy Tan, Sue Lynn 
5850 General Practice Tan, Sue Lynn 
5870 Rural Clinical School  Underwood, Terry
5040 Rural Health Academic Centre  Underwood, Terry 
5900 North West Academic Centre -
restructure underway renamed as:
Medicine - Western Health
Medicine - Northern Health
Zejnula, Fabiana 
5970 Medical Biology - WEHI Moutou, Melanie 
1960 Social Work Vo, Tam 
6550 Optometry and Vision Sciences
(Excl Aust. College of Optometry)
Vo, Tam 
6550 Optometry and Vision Sciences
(Aust. College of Optometry Only)
Moutou, Melanie 
9520 Florey Department of Neuroscience and Mental Health

McKinley, Christina

Moutou, Melanie

Agreement Administrator

Department Administrator

9560 Medical Bionics Department Moutou, Melanie 
9610 MRI Affiliates Moutou, Melanie 
9510 The Sir Peter Maccallum Department of Oncology Moutou, Melanie