Business and Economics research contacts

Faculty grants coordinators, faculty research managers, agreement administrators, publications coordinators and commercial engagement contacts for the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Find University-wide contacts for Major Initiatives, Grants and Contracts as well as Themis agreements advisors on the University-wide research funding contacts page.

  • Faculty research manager

    Justin Shearer +61 3 8344 4492

  • Publication coordinators and academic liaison officers

    Department numberDepartmentCoordinators Liaison officer
    3000 Faculty of Business and Economics

    Ryan Perera

    Graham Sewell
    3060 Accounting

    Ryan Perera

    Qingbo Yuan
    3160 Economics

    Ryan Perera

    Kevin Staub
    3200 Business Administration (Melbourne Business School)

    Ryan Perera

    Jim Frederickson
    3250 Management and Marketing

    Ryan Perera

    Andre Sammartino
    3330 Finance

    Ryan Perera

    Federico Nardari
    3360 Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

    Ryan Perera

    Sam Tsiaplias

  • Faculty grants coordinator / mentor

    Department Faculty grants coordinator / mentor
    Business and Economics

    Justin Shearer
    Manager, Research and Industry

    Business and Economics

    Bianca Durrant
    Senior Research Development Coordinator

    Melbourne Business School Chris Lloyd

  • Themis agreement administrators

    Department numberDepartmentAdministrator
    3000 Faculty of Business and Economics Christine Callahan
    3060 Accounting Christine Callahan
    3160 Economics Christine Callahan
    3200 Business Administration Christine Callahan
    3250 Management & Marketing Christine Callahan
    3330 Finance Christine Callahan
    3360 Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic & Social Research Ngo, Jackie

  • Commercial engagement contacts and advice

    Business Development Directors and Managers with senior industry experience are embedded within all faculties. They are your entry point to a range of University services that support the academic community to engage with industry, pursue research sponsorship and tender opportunities, develop contract research proposals, protect and commercialise intellectual assets.

    Your local faculty contact

    If you are unable to get in touch with your local faculty contact, you can contact Kevin Orrman-Rossiter (External Enquiries Manager) for assistance you with your enquiry.