Arts research contacts

Faculty grants coordinators, faculty research managers, agreement administrators, publications coordinators and commercial engagement contacts for the Faculty of Arts.

Find University-wide contacts for Major Initiatives, Grants and Contracts as well as Themis agreements advisors on the University-wide research funding contacts page.

  • Faculty research manager
  • Publication coordinators and academic liaison officers
    Department numberSchool Publication Coordinator Academic Liaison Officer
    1100 Asia Institute Laura LiaoProfessor Anne McLaren
    1060 School of Culture and Communication Laura LiaoProfessor Natalya Lusty
    1190 School of Languages and LinguisticsLaura LiaoProfessor Anthony Pym
    1310 School of Historical and Philosophical Studies Laura LiaoDr Garry Young
    1660 School of Social and Political Science Laura LiaoProfessor Belinda Hewitt
    Professor Alison Young
  • Faculty grants coordinator

    The primary contact for research grant support and services across the Faculty of Arts is the Arts Research Office external grants team: Jeanette Wrench, John-Paul Hougaz and Alice Warin.  The contact for internal faculty grants is Jacqui Randall.

    To contact them please email

    In addition each School within Arts has an academic School Research Coordinator. Their contact details are located at

  • Themis agreement administrators

    School of Culture and Communications (budget unit 1060) – Lisa Dougherty

    Asia Institute (budget unit 1100) – Lisa Dougherty

    School of Languages and Linguistics (budget unit 1190) – Anna Robinson

    School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (budget unit 1310) – Isabelle Hong

    School of Social and Political Science (budget unit 1660) – Anna Robinson

  • Commercial engagement contacts and advice

    Business Development Directors and Managers with senior industry experience are embedded within all faculties. They are your entry point to a range of University services that support the academic community to engage with industry, pursue research sponsorship and tender opportunities, develop contract research proposals, protect and commercialise intellectual assets.

    Your local faculty contact