Evidence to Action (E2A)

How can we enable healthy child-friendly cities?

This project will deliver a discussion paper based on a review of the evidence as to what makes for effective “evidence to action” partnerships in cities, how this can inform Fondation Botnar’s program of work in secondary cities, and what a possible action agenda built on this evidence could look like.

Findings from the discussion paper will inform Fondation Botnar’s action agenda for the E2A framework. The discussion paper will include

  1. tangible international evidence on effective multi-stakeholder learning ‘hubs’, challenges to implementation, as well as options for risk mitigation and opportunities for action, and effective evidence/learning-to-action partnerships, and
  2. a proposed action agenda for discussion in September to ensure the conversation is action-oriented

project contact

  • Stephanie Butcher, Lead Researcher and Postdoctoral Fellow in International Urban Politics

Project partners