Postgraduate Scholarships

Critical Dates

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Applications open in RGMS

Monday 8 May 2017

Internal date for review by RIC (1st day of 3-day submission period)

Thursday 1 June 2017

Final submission due to RIC




Scholarships are awarded for a maximum period of three years full time or six years part time. Note that Part-time Scholarships are only available to Medical and Dental Postgraduate Research Scholarship holders who are undertaking dual training – postgraduate medical/dental and a PhD.

Current stipend rates are available on the NHMRC website and are revised annually.

Research, Innovation & Commercialisation (RIC) has a Submission Procedure for Major ARC/NHMRC Grants Rounds.  Please review the scheme specific details prior to submitting your application as it will be strictly adhered to.

How to apply

Steps to be completed by Chief Investigator A (CIA):

  1. Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI)

    The NOI should be completed early to provide RIC with CIA contact details.

  2. Complete/update RGMS Profile and CV

    The CI will need to obtain access to RGMS to complete this step.

  3. Review the funding documents

    The CI should read the NHMRC Funding Rules and the Advice and Instructions to Applicants (All Schemes and Scheme Specific), as well as review the UOM Lodgement Coversheet and UOM Authority to Submit form.

  4. Complete draft application in RGMS

    Complete the draft application in RGMS.

  5. Email a draft application to RIC

    Email a draft application to RIC for review during the 3-day submission period (8 - 10 May 2017). The earlier you submit application for review the earlier feedback will be provided. A hardcopy of the application is not required.

    • Use the ‘Request Latest Snapshot Report’ function in RGMS.
    • Email two snapshot reports, the draft Grant Proposal (as a PDF), all your Academic Transcripts, Registration Evidence (if applicable). A UOM Authority to Submit form is not required at this stage.
    • If applying for co-funding from Heart Foundation, a copy of the additional Heart Foundation application form must also be provided.
    • RIC will send an email upon receipt.
  6. Complete the application after feedback

    After taking feedback from RIC into consideration, complete the application in RGMS. It is suggested advice is sought from Supervisors, Faculty Mentors, etc. before finalising the application.

  7. Applying for Heart Foundation co-funding?

    If 'YES', the CI must email the Heart Foundation application as a single, continuous Word document to and should include:

    • Two signed referee endorsements
    • Evidence of citizenship or permanent residency
    • Evidence of PhD enrolment or letter from the Administering Institution indicating suitability for PhD study
    • RIC will organise the signature for ‘Verification by Research Office'.

      NOTE: The external closing date for Heart Foundation applications is earlier than NHMRC applications and requires submission to RIC prior to the final internal deadline date for NHMRC Scholarships. (NOTE: this is subject to change in 2017)
  8. Applying for MS Research Australia co-funding?

    If 'YES', the CI must notify RIC via as applications will be submitted at a later date due to later MS Research Australia closing deadline. RIC will advise applicants on the process for submission.

  9. Certify the application in RGMS

    Certify the application via the ‘CI Certification’ function in RGMS. Two snapshot reports will be automatically generated, please wait for these to be produced. The application will be locked once certified and status then will be Submitted to RAO.

  10. Submit the UOM Authority to Submit form

    Submit a fully completed UOM Authority to Submit form to RIC by email (*NEW PROCESS*) before 5pm on the final internal closing date. The form should be one PDF document and should include:

    • Completed compliance and eligibility section
    • Signature of the CI and Head of Department/Institute Director.
      A hardcopy of the RGMS application is not required

    Note that this is an NHMRC requirement and the application cannot be submitted to NHMRC until RIC receives this form.

  11. RIC will submit the application

    Once the application has been submitted to NHMRC, the CIA will receive RGMS notification.

Supporting documents


  • Scholarships webpage
  • NHMRC Funding Rules: All Schemes and Scheme-specific (applicants must refer to both)
  • Advice and Instructions to Applicants: All Schemes and Scheme-specific (applicants must refer to both)
  • Grant Proposal Template (to download from NHMRC webpage)
  • NHMRC Scholarship Co-funding Partners
  • NHMRC Referee templates: Referee with RGMS account or Referee without RGMS account. (to download from NHMRC webpage. Note the different submission methods for each template)
  • RGMS User Guide - Introduction to RGMS and RGMS User Guide - Applying for Grants (Iicludes how to create an application)
  • Peer Review Guidelines: All Schemes and Scheme-specific (applicants must refer to both)


  • UOM Authority to Submit form - required once application is certified in RGMS
  • RIC Submissions Procedure (Scholarships scheme specific)
  • Copies of previous successful Scholarship applications are held in the RIC library and are accessible through the Grants Library site (UOM login required). If you do not have a UOM login contact RIC via


  • Heart Foundation and MS Research Australia: RAO Details (will be provided once scheme opens) and How to insert Signatures


Questions and primary email

Key contacts

 Sophie Cleaves9035 4878
Anna Giannios8344 2608

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