Melbourne Collaborative Research Infrastructure Program - Stage Two Funding

Critical Dates

Category One – Existing platforms

RIC Major Initiatives will work with Platform Managers and Academic Convenors to plan the application development timeframe, taking into consideration the finalisation of Stage One funding arrangements and continuity of support for the platform. Existing MCRIP-funded platforms that have not recently been in contact with RIC Major Initiatives regarding a transition plan to MCRIP Stage Two funding should do so as soon as practicable.

Category Two – Requests for additional support

Applications for MCRIP Stage Two funding will be accepted both with and independent of a Category One application. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis from 8 August 2016.

Category Three – New platform requests

For 2016, applications for establishment of new platforms will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis from 8 August to 25 November 2016. From 2017 forward, an annual mid-year round will be announced. Applicants are encouraged to seek advice from RIC Major Initiatives during application development.


Within the research infrastructure landscape of the University of Melbourne, Collaborative Research Infrastructure represents those with sufficient critical mass and cross-faculty researcher utilisation. Much of the University's Collaborative Research Infrastructure is coordinated into platform technology facilities or dedicated support services, representing discrete infrastructure capabilities. The Melbourne Collaborative Research Infrastructure Program (MCRIP) aims to enhance existing platforms and facilitate establishment of new platforms that fit the criteria of Collaborative Research Infrastructure, specifically addressing:

  • technical expertise and continuous learning
  • researcher access to capabilities, both from academia and industry
  • quality assurance
  • information management towards evidence-based decision making
  • efficiency and avoidance of duplication
  • long-term operational sustainability
  • precinct partnerships to maximise opportunities.

MCRIP Stage One provided funding for technical staff within platforms, based on merit and assessed via a submitted business plan. The funds allocated to MCRIP Stage One have been fully committed, currently supporting 13 platforms within the University. MCRIP Stage Two funding aims to support both new and existing eligible platforms that fits the list of criteria listed above.


Under MCRIP Stage Two, three categories of funding are available:

  • Category One - Existing platforms seeking continuation of support; no co-investment required
  • Category Two - Existing platforms requesting additional technical support; co-investment required
  • Category Three - New platform activities seeking support; co-investment required

For the purpose of MCRIP Stage Two application, the term ‘existing platforms’ applies to those platforms funded as part of MCRIP Stage One while ‘new platform activity’ applies to any platform activity, existing or new, that is not currently supported through MCRIP. The list of existing MCRIP-funded platforms can be obtained here.

How to apply

  1. Review the Guidelines for applicants

    Please consult with as early as possible if you are planning on submitting an application. 

  2. Complete the relevant application template (see supporting documents)

  3. Save the completed application 

    All applications should be saved as a single pdf file and named in the following relevant format: [PLATFORM]-MCRIP Stage Two Category One/Two/Three Application -2016

  4. Submit the application to RIC

    All final applications must be submitted to No hard copies required.

Supporting documents


Queries should be directed to the Major Initiatives team:

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