Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA)

Critical Dates

22 September 2016

Funding rules for 2018 released

16 January 2017

Proposals open in RMS

1 February 2017

RIC ARC DECRA Seminar - register here

10 February 2017

Eligibility Exemption Request due to RIC (if applicable)

Submission Period 21 February 2017 - 23 February 2017

Submit review ready application to RIC 

6 March 2017

Request not to assess due to RIC

16 March 2017

Final Application Submission due to RIC

22 March 2017

Final Applications due to ARC


Rejoinders due to RIC in RMS by 5pm

October/ November 2016

2017 Outcomes


Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA) supports early career researchers who have typically received their PhD in the last five years or have eligible commensurate career disruption.

The DECRA scheme aims to:

  • Support excellent basic and applied research by early career researchers;
  • Advance promising early career researchers and promote enhanced opportunities for diverse career pathways;
  • Enable research and research training in high quality and supportive environments;
  • Expand Australia's knowledge base  and research capability; and
  • Enhance the scale and focus of research in the Science and Research Priorities.


The ARC Grants Team from Research Innovation and Commercialisation will soon be holding a seminar where we will provide information on the submissions process, major changes and advice on completing the 2018 DECRA application.

When: Wednesday, 1 February 2017 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (AEDT)

Where: FBE-G06 (Prest Theatre) - 111 Barry Street, Carlton. University of Melbourne.



The scheme provides funding for up to 200 projects per round. Funding is awarded by the ARC of up to $139,969 per annum for three years, with a per annum salary contribution of $99,369 including 30 per cent on-costs and up to $40,000 project costs per annum. Project costs can be used to hire research
assistants, support HDR students, or fund equipment, consumables, Field Research, Travel, and dissemination costs. See section D of the Funding Rules for more information.

Establishment Grants for ARC DECRA

Establishment Grants are internal grants to support ARC DECRA applicants at the University of Melbourne. Details for the 2018 scheme are to be confirmed and will be available on the establishment grant page.


How to apply

  1. Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI)

    The NOI should be completed early to provide RIC with DECRA candidate contact details.

  2. Update RMS profile

    Candidates must obtain access to RMS and update profile information (see RMS information)

  3. Review documentation

    Review the DECRA Funding Rules and the Instructions to Applicants. These documents are available under the Supporting documents tab.

  4. Complete the draft application

    Log on to RMS to complete the draft application.

  5. Strategic statement

    Work on the Strategic Statement in respect of the Research Environment with your supervisor and department/faculty. The Head of Department must certify the Strategic Statement Coversheet before submission to RIC.

  6. Eligibility Exemption Request

    If applicable, complete the Eligibility Exemption Request form. This is a spreadsheet that details career interruptions for applicants whose PhD was awarded prior to 1 March 2012. 

    This form must be sent to by 10 February 2017 so that RIC can arrange for the DVC(R) to certify eligibility. 

  7. Submit 'Review ready' application to RIC

    Submit application to RIC within the RIC internal submission period. Include the following:

    • An electronic copy of the complete review ready draft application
    • An electronic copy (i.e. Microsoft Word document) of the Strategic Statement, using the template letterhead provided.
    • If applicable, the applicant should include an electronic copy of the Request Not to Assess form if they would like to request the exclusion of a potential assessor.

    Note that international and interstate applicants may email a pdf copy of their application and coversheet to

  8. Application review

    Two RIC staff members will review the application and provide the applicant with feedback via email.

  9. Complete the application

    After taking feedback from the RIC team into consideration, complete the application in RMS. It is suggested advice is sought from colleagues, Faculty Mentors, etc. before finalising the application.

  10. Submit the UOM Authority to Submit form

    The form must be submitted to RIC via email to before 5:00pm on the final internal closing date. This form should include:

    • Complete the compliance and eligibility section
    • Signature of all CIs and PIs
    • Signature of the Head of Department for each CI
    • Signature of the CEO (or delegate) for all Australian-based PIs

    Electronic signatures are permitted.

    This is an ARC requirement and the application cannot be submitted to ARC until received.

  11. Final submission

    Before 5:00pm on the final internal Closing date, the applicant must:

    • Submit final application by clicking ‘Submit to Research Office’ in RMS
    • Email RIC ( a pdf copy of the final application and a scanned, signed Authority to Submit form

    Note: Applications without a completed Authority to Submit form cannot be submitted to the ARC

  12. RIC will submit the application

    Once the application has been submitted to ARC, you will receive an email from RIC confirming submission.

Supporting documents

ARC Documents

RIC Documents

Preparing a DECRA application: 

* RIC documents for 2018 DECRA coming soon, pending release of Instructions to Applicants 16 Jan 2017



DECRA questions and primary email

Key contacts

Elizabeth Morfe+61 3 8344 2064
Leah Mount+61 3 8344 2012

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