Horizon 2020 Research Consortia and Networks

Critical Dates

Application due to RIC no later than four weeks before the advertised H2020 deadline.


Applicants to the Horizon 2020 Notice of Intent (H2020 NOI) can apply for a cash contribution of up to $AUD150, 000 (maximum of $50, 000 per year) towards a specific H2020 Societal Challenges call. Funds are to support research undertaken at the University of Melbourne in collaboration with H2020 consortia partners.

For a H2020 NOI application to be competitive, the University's cash contribution should be leveraged and ideally equal to or less than funds coming to Melbourne from the H2020 project. While Australia can only receive H2020 funds directly if it can demonstrate unique expertise, there are indirect ways the University can receive funds. For example, H2020 can fund travel to and from Europe for Australian partners and will also support the salary of a postdoctoral research fellow hosted at Melbourne.


  • Funding is only available for Societal Challenges calls. Researchers are eligible to participate in H2020 calls without a UoM contribution.
  • Applications must be for upcoming H2020 Societal Challenges calls. Applications will not be accepted retrospectively.
  • The Chief Investigator from the University of Melbourne must be listed as a formal participant on the H2020 application.
  • Researchers eligible to receive funding under the NHMRC-EU scheme cannot apply for the H2020 NOI.
  • Applicants can submit a maximum of one H2020 NOI at any one time. Applicants with an existing H2020 NOI cannot submit another H2020 NOI until they are notified of the existing application’s outcome.
  • Applications must be submitted to RIC a minimum of four weeks before the H2020 call deadline. Applications submitted later than four weeks before the H2020 deadline will not be considered.
  • Researchers can receive a maximum of one H2020 NOI award.

How to apply

  1. Save the completed NOI as a single PDF

    Complete the NOI and save it as a single PDF document using the format FACULTY_H2020_NAME, where NAME is the family name and initial of the applicant. For example, Prof John Smith from the Faculty of Arts applying for research visit support would name the file 'ARTS_H2020_SMITHJ'.

  2. Contact RIC to discuss NOI.

    All applicants are recommended to contact RIC to discuss their NOI prior to submission.

  3. Submit application in Themis

    Submit the completed application via Themis submissions for Head of Department approval.

  4. Submit application to RIC

    Submit the single PDF file to international-research@unimelb.edu.au.

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