Carlton Connect Initiatives Fund (CCIF)


The CCIF program was focused on fostering interdisciplinary, industry-engaged research activity across the University that aligned with the Carlton Connect agenda.

After running 4 rounds of the program, Carlton Connect is delighted to see that many of the projects supported have generated a significant return on investment, both in terms of new research collaborations, follow-on funding and industry relationships. 

As further proof of the value of this approach, we look around the University now and see that the pathway we have forged in this space is being championed by the Melbourne Research Institutes, Hallmark Research Initiatives and Academic Divisions themselves.

The ensuing step in the Carlton Connect agenda is to focus on supporting the academy to drive research impact and engage more effectively with the commercial sector around core problems. On this basis, in 2016 we launched the Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) program. Please see the TRaM website for further details of this exciting program. For other internal grant opportunities please see the Research, Innovation and Commercialisation Internal Grants Listing. For updates on current funding opportunities, please subscribe to the relevant Research Professional Magazines.


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