Intellectual property disclosure

Understand the duty to disclose intellectual property and find out how to disclose your inventions or discoveries.

All staff, honorary appointees, visitors, or student creators of Intellectual Property (IP) have a duty to disclose inventions with potential commercial value, or where required by a third party agreement per the University of Melbourne Statute 13(6).

You should complete an IP Disclosure form whenever you feel you have discovered something unique that may have possible commercial value. This should be done well before presenting the discovery through publications, poster sessions, conferences, or other communications. Submitting an IP Disclosure form also allows the University an opportunity to fulfil any obligations to funding sources and to other companies or organisations that sponsored the research.

We encourage you to contact your Faculty’s Business Development Director during your discovery process to ensure you are aware of the options that will best leverage the commercial potential of your research. The Technology Licensing team can assist you with questions related to marketability, funding sources, commercial partners, patenting and other IP protection methods, new business start-up considerations, University policies and procedures, and IP-related matters.

Submitting an 'intellectual property disclosure'

An invention disclosure can be submitted by completing the IP Disclosure Form.

Submission of an IP Disclosure Form starts the formal technology commercialisation process. Upon receipt of an IP Disclosure form, the Intellectual Property and Licenses (IPL) Manager will:

  • Check the form to ensure completeness of the submission;
  • Email all listed University contributors to the Invention to notify them of the disclosure and to ensure that they are satisfied with the content and accuracy of the submission; and
  • Ask the Manager, Technology Licensing Services (TLS) to conduct a formal assessment of the disclosure.

The assessment process will guide the University's strategy on whether to focus on licensing to an existing company or creating a new business start-up.

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