Visitors to Systems Genomics

Welcome to Olivier & Misa

From Monday 4 September SysGen will have two visitors in the Lê Cao lab:

**Monday 4 September - Thursday 7 September 
Misa Matsuyama (PhD student, Child Health Research Centre, University of Queensland)

Investigate the development of Bifidobacterium during the second year of life
(chaRm study:

**Monday 4 September - Friday 13 October
Dr Olivier Chapleur (Researcher, molecular microbial ecology, IRSTEA, France)

Anaerobic digestion microbiology meta-omics

Olivier is a specialist of anaerobic digestion microbiology and recently implemented ‘meta-omics’ methodologies (high-throughput and global analyses of DNA, RNA, proteins, or metabolites isolated directly from a community of organisms) to measure in detail the presence and abundance of microorganisms, as well as their activity or metabolic interactions. In combination with performance data of the digesters, the analysis of all those data could help deciphering the functioning of AD microbiome and set microbial indicators of optimal performance or warning indicators of process failure. Olivier is coming to SysGen to learn about our multiple omics data integration methods to analyse his data. He will be presenting in the SysGen seminar series on Friday 13 October.