Manage research collections of images and data, and create online exhibitions

Omeka is an image repository originally designed to help small galleries and museums create online exhibitions but which can also be used as a research database, especially if you work with cultural collections as an historian or archivist. Omeka makes it easy to search across your collection and handles images, video and descriptive text.

In this workshop you'll learn the basics of Omeka including formatting data, creating metadata, building a collection and creating an online exhibition.

This course is FREE for researchers (PhDs, Postgrads, PostDocs & Profs)

Duration: CartoDB 2.5 hours/Tilemil 6 hours

Format: CartoDB single session, Tilemill 2 x 3 hours

Frequency: Quarterly for CartoDB & twice annually for TileMill

Notes: Bring your own computer


Kim, lead Trainer in NLTK

Kim, Lead Trainer