MATLAB is standard industry software for numerical computing. It is widely used in applied mathematics and engineering, and a large number of plugins are available for areas like image processing.

MATLAB is a commercial, high performance language and software, designed specifically for technical data analysis. With strong computational, graphical and interactive utilities, MATLAB makes it easy to implement visualization and customization of data and applications.

A large variety of inbuilt functionalities offer specific solutions for diverse areas including statistical analysis, signal & image processing, machine learning, automation, and more. MATLAB also offers compatibility with numerous other programming languages and hardware.

It is the ultimate tool for research and engineering applications, for programmers and non-programmers alike.

Our courses are FREE. To attend you must be from an AAF institution (this includes University of Melbourne and surrounding institutes).

Duration: 3-6 hours

Format: 1-2 days

Frequency: Every two months

Notes: You will need a laptop with MATLAB access (see the installation page).

If you use MATLAB, you might be interested in joining our MATLAB @ Unimelb Facebook group!


Doruk Usluel, MATLAB trainer